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What is a cookie?

cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. The cookie records  information that can be read by a website next time you visit it. Some cookies are required to access some of a website’s  functionalities. Other cookies are useful for the visitor: for example, they might  save your user name or language preferences securely. Cookies simply save you from having to enter the same information each time you visit a website.

Why does Seton use cookies?

Cookies allow us to:

   •      produce statistics and volume data about the number of visits and use of its various functionalities and help us to improve our services.

   •       store  information from a form you have filled in on our site and allow you to access reserved and personal areas of the site, such as your account, using the identification details or data you have provided to us.

   •       implement security measures, for example when you are asked to log back in to a section of content or service after a certain period of time has elapsed.

Using cookies therefore helps to ensure an optimal user experience based on your personal preferences. By using cookies, Seton saves you from having to enter the same information each time you visit your online store. Cookies are also used to optimise the site’s performance. For example, they make the ordering process easier and help you to find a particular item more quickly.


How can I disable cookies?

You can configure your Internet browser to disable cookies. Please note, however, that if you disable cookies, your user name and password will no longer be saved on any websites.


   1     Open Firefox

   2     Hit the “Alt” key

   3     Click on “Tools” then “Options” in the menu at the top of the page

   4     Select the “Privacy” tab

   5     In the dropdown menu on the right, click on “History” and then “Use custom settings for history”

   6     Further down, uncheck “Accept cookies”

   7     Save your preferences by clicking on “OK”

Internet Explorer:

   1     Open Internet Explorer

   2     Select “Internet options” from the “Tools” menu

   3     Click on the “Privacy” tab

   4     Click on “Advanced” and uncheck “Accept”

   5     Save your preferences by clicking on “OK”

Google Chrome:

   1     Open Google Chrome

   2     Click on the tools icon in the menu bar

   3     Select “Settings”

   4     Click on “Advanced settings”

   5     In the “Cookies settings” dropdown menu, select “Block all cookies”


   1     Open Safari

   2     Click on “Safari” then “Preferences” in the menu bar at the top

   3     Select the “Security” icon

   4    Next to “Accept cookies”, check “Never”

   5     If you want to see cookies that have already been saved to your computer, click on “Show cookies”